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Complaining About California

Posted on 11 November 2017 by admin (0)

I can’t believe all the people now days to complain about California yet still choose to live in the Glorious Warriors sunshine State. Speaking of the Warriors. How many people out there if you heard to complain about the Warriors. Yes the Warriors Golden State, the NBA champs. Steph Curry and the whole gang. Sure tired about all these complaints. There are so many other teams you could be complaining about.

People complain about earthquakes. I mean come on it’s part of the San Andreas Fault, it’s where we live, earthquakes gonna happen from time to time without warning.

You don’t like it just leave. What about all this complaining about traffic, yeah there’s traffic everywhere shut your pie hole and stop complaining about things that are in your control. Yeah your control. You can just leave! California is the best state in the United States fours and concern. I’m so sick of all these people complaining about California. The one thing you never hear them complain about is the weather.

The weather here is awesome. Why don’t think about the weather. Which is complain about everything else. I’m just sick of the whole thing. All you complaining food can just leave. Try some other state, or county or continent or planet or universe or galaxy to call home.